• Added meta tags for twitter cards on link to server pages
  • Display server name in title and cards if available
  • Added server ID redirect (this is useful for API users)


  • Fix query on API function 'Get Server By Rank'
  • Updated changelog
  • Updated version number to 2.2.2

2.2.1 changelog update

  • Updated changelog for both this version AND 2.2
  • Updated version number to 2.2 and then 2.2.1

2.2.0 API update

  • Make ranking more uniform
  • Moved the count to somewhere that made sense!
  • Added semi incomplete workaround
  • Made rank query keyable

2.1.0 algorithm update

  • Updated rank algorithm to promote online servers over offline servers
  • Updated rank algorithm to promote servers with SOME players online higher than servers with NO players online
  • Identified and solved and issue with vote calculation when a server had 0 votes
  • Updated version number to 2.1


  • Fixed vote tally bug
  • Updated version number to 2.0.13
  • Updated changelog


  • Changed memory allocation for JSON
  • Updated version number to 2.0.12
  • Changed the "Bootstrap" function to just proxy another function that kind of does the same thing
  • Added version numbers to CSS and JS files to refresh the cache in browsers when we do an update
  • Changed the number of tabs from high numbers to low numbers of tabs in some instances while changing the number of tabs from low numbers to high numbers of tabs in other instances
  • Added white space in some places and removed in other places. It doesnt really make a difference so why not satisfy a personal preference?
  • Fixed a bug for servers that had no votes
  • Updated changelog


  • Added 1 semicolon
  • Updated changelog
  • Updated version number to 2.0.11
  • Updated changelog


  • Changed memory allocation for API
  • Updated version number to 2.0.10
  • Removed herobrine
  • Updated changelog


  • Fixed a bug created in 2.0.8


  • Fixed 2 admin tools bug
  • Fixed redirect when adding server already on our list


  • Fixed voting bug created in 2.0.6


  • Updated changlog. We wish this was a joke
  • Changed some spaces to tabs
  • Server owners are no longer harassed about not entering a website when they already did
  • Added reward for owned servers
  • Fixed bug so site doesn't get haxxored
  • Implemented a utility to reduce the number of duplicate listings of the same server


  • Forced user to insert a valid url
  • Added API application
  • Added API Terms of Service agreement


  • Now using https for mcapi images on index & search
  • Only showing unique player heads for votes on server page
  • Don't delete old votes anymore on new month. Changed how we came to the calculation while keeping all old data for historical purposes
  • Titled API DOC page
  • Verification proccess is now more streamlined


  • Added claim server link back to serverpage
  • Modified update proccess

2.0.2 "Nick's Mistake" "API issue"

  • Made Database changes
  • Fixed an obvious mistake in the API
  • Tweaked CSS for padding

2.0.1 "Dakota's Mistake"

  • Added 1 semicolon


  • Added Changelog
  • New Interface for the site
  • Added Most recent voters
  • Added a place for server owners to add a link to their website
  • Refactored Automated tasks
  • We aren't squares but our buttons are now
  • You can now add a website
  • Fixed Firefox bug
  • Added API
  • Changed graph libraries


  • Menu bar is dynamic for mobile devices
  • Added an ad spot
  • Added Dialog to navbar icons
  • Added returns (line breaks) to descriptions
  • No need to enter Email/name if logged in

Version 2.3.0